There never seems to be enough time in the day for most of us.  We work hard, maintain our homes and vehicles, volunteer at our children’s schools, at church, or other community programs, and participate in our favorite hobbies and pastimes.  On top of all this we try to stay educated on the safest products and services for our families.  This is where Elemental Cleaning and Organizing can help!  We provide High-Quality/Environmentally-Friendly house cleaning services and instruction.  You will rest easy knowing that your home not only looks clean but is clean.  We can customize your personal cleaning plan around your lifestyle and budget needs or we can give you all the tricks of the trade so that cleaning your home becomes as pleasant as possible.Our goal is to pass on the knowledge we’ve acquired through years of research and practical study through teaching and clean homes, to as many people as we possible.  We have found the most effective natural cleaning solutions around and are looking forward to passing on the benefits to you!

With our services you can expect:

Affordable pricing
Safe products and practices
Detailed and meticulous cleaning
Supplies and equipment provided
Comfortable and effective instruction
Group classes and lessons

Elemental Cleaning and Organizing will contact you regularly to make sure that we are creating value for you wherever possible.

For your personalized green service and instruction contact Tamara Fox at 801-635-7417.